Wording suggestion: To visit us online, please go to https://www.tetrends.com.


This site stores the IP address and browser user agent string of visitors who post comments to detect spam.

Your email address may be hashed to produce an anonymous string to verify your Gravatar account. You may read more about how Gravatar handles user data at https://www.tetrends.com/privacy-policy/ When your comment is published, your profile picture will display next to it.

Images containing integrated location data (EXIF GPS) should not be uploaded to the site, per certain media recommendations. Anyone who accesses the site may save or otherwise save a picture and then use that image’s geotagged information to pinpoint its exact location.


You may choose to have your name, email address, and website saved in cookies if you post a comment on our site. These are provided for your ease of use to save you time when leaving subsequent comments by reusing your already entered information. . There will be no need to eat these cookies for a whole 12 months.

When you visit our login page, a temporary cookie will be placed on your computer to track whether or not your browser is set to allow cookies. This cookie, along with any sensitive data it may have contained, will be automatically removed when you close your browser.

When you join in for the first time, we set up many cookies to do things like remember your login information and display settings. Login cookies are good for 24 hours, but user preferences cookies are valid for a whole year. When you log in, your information will be retained for 14 days if you choose the “Remember Me” option. As soon as a user signs out, the session cookies associated with their account are removed.

An extra cookie will be kept in your browser if you make changes to an article or publish it. This cookie does not include any personally identifiable information and just provides the ID of the post you just updated. After 1 day, it will no longer work.

Content from other websites that has been embedded

Articles on this site may have embedded videos, photos, and other material (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). Any time a user interacts with an embed from another website, it’s as if they’ve really visited that page.

To whom we disclose information

Wording suggestion: Your IP address will be included in the password reset email you get if you request one.

How long we keep your information

Suggested text: If you leave a remark, the comment and its information are stored forever. This way, any subsequent comments won’t have to be held in a moderation queue but will instead be approved immediately upon recognition.

. All users may read, amend, or remove their personal information at any time (although they cannot alter their username) (except they cannot change their username). In addition to regular users, website administrators may see and change this data.

How much control do you have over your information

If you have an account on our site or have left a remark, you may download a single file containing all the information we have on you, including any information you’ve provided. Similarly, you have the choice to have us keep records. Please note that this does not include any data that we are required to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.


Our website uses “cookies” to store information such as the name, email address, and website of commenters. These are provided so that you do not have to re-enter your information every time you post a remark. This batch of cookies has a shelf life of one year.Our website utilizes “cookies” to record information such as a commenter’s name, email address, and website. This batch of cookies has a one-year shelf life.

When you visit our login page, a session cookie is used to determine if your browser is set to accept cookies.

In addition to storing your login information and displaying preferences in cookies, we also create a few of these when you log in for the first time. The cookies established by the login procedure expire after two days, whereas those set by the user’s display settings last for a whole year. If you choose the “Remember Me” checkbox, your login information will be retained for two weeks. When you log out, session cookies will be removed.

Cookies are little text files that websites you visit keep in your browser. This cookie includes no personally identifiable information other than the post ID of the article you just edited. After 1 day, it’s no longer valid.

Information from an external website that has been embedded

There are embedded media in some of the articles on this website (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). When a person interacts with an embed from another website, it is as though they visited that page themselves.

If you have an account and are signed into one of these sites, the site may gather information about you, set cookies, embed extra third-party monitoring, and track your interaction with embedded content.

With whom we share your information

An individual’s IP address will be sent together with the reset password link in an email upon request.

We will notify you of how long your data will be stored.

There is unlimited storage allotted for comments and their related data. In this manner, the following comments will not be subject to a moderation queue, and we will be able to promptly approve them upon discovery.

For individuals who choose to register on our website, we additionally collect and store personally identifiable information that users freely submit in the form of a user profile (if any). Any user may see, edit, or delete their own profile information (except they cannot change their username). Administrators of the website have access to and may modify this information.

An explanation of the legal safeguards applicable to your data

you may receive an exported file containing the personal information we have about you, including any data you have supplied. You may request that we erase any personal information we have gathered about you. We shall not erase any records that we are required by law or security reasons to keep.

Who your information will be transferred to

Visitor comments might be screened using software that detects spam.

Your information’s destination

Wording suggestion: The comments left by site visitors might be screened for spam using an automated system.